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Housing Authority

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1. What is the Housing Authority?
2. What is Westview Homes?
3. Who is eligible to live here?
4. How much is the apartment rent?
5. What size are the apartments?
6. Are pets allowed?
7. Is building maintenance and lawn care provided?
8. Is there a community room that can be used for gatherings of family / friends?
9. Are there activities at Westview Homes?
10. Do I have to live at Westview Homes to be a member of the Senior Citizens' Club?
11. How can I get more information?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?

Snow Removal

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1. Does the city clear snow and ice off of the sidewalks?
2. The city snow plows pushed snow into my driveway and sidewalk. Will they come an remove it?

Solid Waste

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1. What day is my trash service?
2. Why didn't my trash get picked up?
3. What materials are not allowed in poly-karts or dumpsters?
4. Will the city provide solid waste assistance for those customers that are unable to place the poly-kart at the curb?
5. Can I rent a dumpster?
6. Does the city provide recycling?
7. Does the city collect yard waste?
8. Does the city collect tree limbs and brush?
9. When is the city-wide clean up?

Street Repair

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1. My sidewalks need to be replaced. Is the city responsible for replacing it?
2. My alley needs repaired. Who do I contact?
3. My street light is out. Who do I contact?
4. How can I report a pothole?


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1. Who do I call if a backflow occurs?
2. I need to locate a sewer line on my property. Who do I call?
3. How do I get a new sanitary sewer service connection to the public main?
4. How are my sewer rates calculated?