About Fairview Cemetery

Established in 1872, Fairview Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Phillipsburg.

It is located at Highway 183 and Park Street. Directly west of the Highway 183 entrance is a directory to provide burial information.


Burial Space for city residents-$100.00 per space
Burial Space for non-city residents- $200.00 per space

    Contact City Clerk Office for a current listing of available spaces for sale. 785-543-5234

Grave Opening and Closing Full Size- $350.00
Grave Opening and Closing Infant- $300.00
Grave Opening and Closing for Cremation- $150.00
All Services held on Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday- Additional $50.00
Fee for notification after 10am the previous Friday of a Monday morning funeral- $50.00

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