Property Tax Assessments

Local governments levy property taxes on real property. The amount of tax levied is based on the assessed valuation of the property and the city's mill levy. The tax is assessed by multiplying the assessed valuation by the mill levy rate.

The Phillips County assessor establishes the valuation through a formula as set by State of Kansas Legislature. For additional information concerning property valuation please contact the Phillips County Assessor's Office at (785) 543-6810.

Property Tax Calculation Example

If you own a residential home that has a market value of $200,000, the assessed valuation would be 11.5% of the market value or $23,000. Every tax levy mill set by local governments is worth $1 per $1,000 of assessed value.

In this example the homeowner would be charged $23 for every mill. As an example if the city budget required 52 mills to be funded then this homeowner would pay $1,196 per year in city property tax.

City Sales Tax

The total City of Phillipsburg sales tax rate is 9%. Of the 9%, 6.5% is retained by the State of Kansas, 0.5% is used by Phillips County for economic development, and 2% is used by the City of Phillipsburg.

Of the 2% the City of Phillipsburg uses 0.5% pays for the loan debt which was created when the city reconstructed the wastewater treatment facility. This 0.5% will be taken off the sales tax once this debt is retired. 1% of the city sales tax is used to pay the debt and operation of the aquatic facility and the remaining 0.5% is used within the general fund.