Collection System


The City of Phillipsburg Public Works Department is responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of over 21 linear miles of gravity-fed sanitary sewer lines and force mains, with 365 manholes, and 4 lift stations. Phillipsburg's wastewater collection is separated from the storm sewer collection system.

The Public Works Department is responsible for cleaning out any blockages within the public collection system in the event of a back-up within the city's wastewater mains. We also perform routine preventative maintenance by cleaning of the wastewater mains.

Illegal Connections

It is illegal to connect sump pumps and gutter downspouts to the wastewater collection system because it may overflow the system causing sewer backups into neighboring homes and add to the cost of sewage treatment.

Household Hazardous Waste

Dispose of household hazardous wastes properly. It is illegal to ever flush household hazardous wastes down drains, toilets, or storm sewers. Treatment plant workers can be injured and wastewater systems can be damaged as a result of improper disposal of hazardous materials.