One-Way Rides

The cost is $1.00 per one-way ride within the City of Phillipsburg. The cost of rides outside the City of Phillipsburg but inside Phillips county is $2.00 per one-way ride. The cost of rides from Phillipsburg to Stockton or Kensington is $3.00 per one-way ride. 

Punch Tickets

Discount punch tickets are available at the Phillipsburg City Office at the following costs:
  • 10 punches - $7.50
  • 20 punches - $15.00
  • 30 punches - $22.50
  • 40 punches - $30.00
One punch is equal to a one-way ride in the City of Phillipsburg, 2 punches equal one-way ride in Phillips County, and 3 punches equal one-way ride to Kensington or Stockton.