Street Repair


The City of Phillipsburg Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all city streets, curbing, and curb ramps. Daily maintenance includes patching asphalt, sealing cracks, chip-sealing streets, repairing curb and gutters, ramps, and public pedestrian sidewalks.

The city is also responsible for repairing and replacing street signs, maintaining traffic signals, and painting all street markings along U.S. 36 and U.S. 183 within city limits and downtown. The city does not maintain the street lights, but requests assistance in locating lights that are out.

Sidewalk Cost-Sharing Program

The city does not maintain private sidewalks and curb ramps. It is the responsibility of property owners within the City of Phillipsburg to maintain pedestrian sidewalks adjacent to their properties in a manner safe for pedestrian use. However, the city does provide a cost-sharing program for those interested in improving pedestrian sidewalks located along the public streets.

The city program provides a set amount of funds every year and distributes funds on a first come, first served basis. The city will fund concrete for a maximum of 400 square feet of sidewalk for for a single lot or a maximum of 800 square feet of for a corner lot, provided both sides of the lot will have sidewalks constructed or replaced. The city may also fund the full costs of handicapped curb ramps for street intersections at which related sidewalk improvements are scheduled.

Property owners who wish to participate can contact the City Office at (785) 543-5234. View more information on the Sidewalk Program Policy, including specifications and an application.