Conservation Plan

Water Conservation

Water Conservation is a daily task.

Water is one of the most precious natural resource we have as it is essential in everything we do during our daily lives in the households, industries, agriculture, etc. It is always important for everyone to find out ways to reduce and conserve the use of water.

Water conservation at home doesn't only help save water, but also conserves the amount of energy required used for heating, pumping, and treating water and but is also beneficial during times of drought.

Water Conservation Plan

Under certain circumstances, water conservation will become mandatory. When drought conditions persist, water supplies dwindle, water demand goes up, and water infrastructure is stretched to the limits.

When these conditions arise from time to time, the City of Phillipsburg will enact a staged Water Conservation Plan that may restrict the use of water outdoors or even in the home. These steps must be taken when needed to preserve potable for health and welfare of the public.