Planting & Decorating


All planting, care, and maintenance for trees, shrubs, and bushes will be furnished by the city with City Council approval. Trees, shrubs, and bushes will not be allowed upon individual grave sites.

Plantings such as flowers are limited to the north or south side of each monument stone. Any tree, shrub, bush, or other planting within the cemetery that is not maintained and becomes diseased or dies, may be removed by the city with the approval of the city council.

Decoration / Adornment Regulations

  • No statues, benches, chairs, or other such items are allowed to be placed on burial lots, rights of way, or where mowing is required.
  • No fences are allowed on grave sites unless a detailed diagram is submitted showing how far the fence will be from the memorial stone, the fence will be within the space boundaries, what will be inside the fenced area also with a plan of how the fence and area inside the fence will be maintained by the owner. At no time will fences be allowed to cover the entire grave or lot. At a regular meeting, the Phillipsburg City Council will determine if the fence will be allowed after consulting with the public works supervisor concerning maintenance issues.
  • Decorations are allowed to be placed at the cemetery three days prior to Memorial Day and must be removed by June 10. If not removed by June 10 the city will cause the decorations to be disposed of. Approval for all other decorations, other than Memorial Day and temporary decorations, must be obtained at a regular meeting of the Phillipsburg City Council who will consult with the public works supervisor concerning maintenance issues.
  • The Phillipsburg City Council may authorize the public works supervisor to cause the removal and disposal of fences and decorations previously approved if not maintained by the owner and the decorations become unsightly or broken. The public works supervisor or his appointees shall be authorized to cause the removal and disposal of items not previously approved by the City Council including but not limited to wilted flowers, faded and broken artificial flowers, solar lights, other decorations which are not on the monument.