Animal Control

Animal Complaints

The City of Phillipsburg's  animal control officer, Timothy Driggs, works with residents to assist with dogs at large or vicious dogs. Complaints may be filed at  the City Office or contact Timothy Driggs at (785) 543-5234.

Dog Pound

If your dog is missing please check with the City of Phillipsburg City Office at (785) 543-5234 to see if your pet has been taken to the dog pound. The daily fee for keeping the dog is $25. Daily pound fees and applicable city dog tag fees must be paid for in advance prior to taking the dog home.  If your dog has been taken to the local veterinary clinic, the fees charged by the clinic must be paid by the owner of the dog.

Adoption of Dogs

Dogs in the pound are available for adoption if they have not been claimed by their owner within 3 business days. A receipt from a licensed veterinarian for spaying / neutering the animal must be provided to the City Office prior to adoption. 

Receive Notifications when Dogs are in the pound

To receive alerts by text or e-mail when the City has a dog in the pound please subscribe to the Alert Center City Office & Public Works. Notices are also available at the City's Facebook page The City Government of Phillipsburg KS.

Other Animals

The City of Phillipsburg is not licensed to shelter cats or other animals.