About the Fire Department

The Phillipsburg Fire Department is a volunteer organization which trains and provides fire protection to the City of Phillipsburg.  These same volunteers also serve as the firemen for Phillips County Rural Fire District #1.  Some of the department's specialized equipment includes jaws of life, 3 pumpers, 1 tanker, 5 brush trucks, and cold water rescue gear.  
Fire trucks Apr 2018

Phillipsburg City and Rural District #1 Fire Department Trucks at the Phillipsburg Fire Station. 

KU Grain Extrication Training

KU Grain Training 5
KU Grain Training 3
KU Grain Training 1
KU Grain Training 4
KU Grain Training 9
KU Grain Training 6
KU Grain Training 7
KU Grain Training 8
KU Grain Training  10
Phillipsburg and Agra Fire Departments participate in KU grain extrication training. 

Kendall Retires

Kendal with plaque

Firefighters Gather to Honor Bob Kendall Jr.

Kendall Group

Photo Credit: Jacque Bretton


Bob Kendall Jr. retires after 30 years of dedicated service with the Phillipsburg City & Rural Fire Departments. Fellow firefighters join to recognize and thank Kendall for his hard work and sacrifice to protect our communities. We all wish Bob the best in his future endeavors. 

Joel Heisterman Retirement- Fire Dept

Joel Heisterman retirement after 38 years of service; Brandon Miller, Captain Jayson Hueneke, Captain Chad Lenker, Chief Jeremiah Clancy, Asst. Chief Blaine VanKooten, Jamie Reimer, Gage Wickham, Jobey Black. Front row-Cody Bogart, Travis Carswell, John Shelton, Travis Stites and Kip Tweedy.

2019    9-11 fire dept

The 2019 climb team members were Chief Jeremiah Clancy PFD, Chad Boyle Agra FD, Scott Bretton Agra FD and Ethon Feik Agra FD.

Every climber/Firefighter is climbing for one or two of the Fallen 343 firefighters that perished on that day. You have their photo attached to the back of your SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and their photo/photos on a printed card around your neck. It was very moving; all kinds of emotions running through your body. As you start the climb you touch a piece of iron that came from the structure of the World Trade Center. We climbed as a Team, as we passed every flight of stairs there are photos of the fallen on the walls. While climbing the stairs, speakers are placed throughout the stairwells that are playing faint sounds of communications from 9-11-2001 radio traffic. We climb the stairs; 20 stories 5.5 times, to equal the 110 stories that the NYFD 343 climbed on that terrible day. When your Team has completed the climb each member will step forward to the microphone Ring the Bell three times and read the name of the Fallen you have just climbed for.

It was an Honor and Privilege; to be a part of honoring the Fallen and MAY WE NEVER FORGET.

So WE NEVER FORGET those who make the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.

2017    9-11 Tribute
2019  9-11 Tribute

Scott Bretton –Agra FD, Chad Lenker PFD, Cody Bogart PFD, and Fire Chief Jeremiah Clancy PFD were honored to participated in the 9/11 Remembrance Tribute in Wichita, KS on September 9, 2017. Firefighters walked up 110 flights of stairs at the Epic Center carrying the gear and photo of fallen fire fighters lost in the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Centers.

Cheif McConnell Retirement 2016

Chief Terry McConnell retirement plaque 1998 to 2016, Terry is still a active member of the department and a mentor to all of the fire fighters.

2016 VFW Awards to Fire Department

City of Phillipsburg & Phillips County Rural Fire District #1 Firemen with VFW Post #8873 Chairman J
2016-2017 Outstanding Fire Dept Team
2016-2017 Fire Department of the Year

Back Row: Joel Heisterman, Bob Kendall, Jamie Reimer, Asst. Chief Blaine VanKooten, Tim Driggs, Trent Weinman. Middle Row: Jobey Black, Cody Bogart, Chief Jeremiah Clancy, VFW-JT Plumber, Captain Jayson Hueneke, Terry McConnell, Captain Chad Lenker. Front Row: Travis Carswell, John Shelton, Matt Jarvis, Kipp Tweedy.

On March 20, 2017 the department was awarded Volunteer Fire Department of the Year from VFW Post #8873, VFW 6th District Fire Department of the Year and VFW State of Kansas Outstanding Firefighter Team.

Fire Dept and Equip Apr 2018