Trash Collection

Collection Services

The city provides daily trash collection for utility customers. The city requires that all customers abide by the solid waste policies in order for the trash to be picked up on the scheduled day.

In order to ensure that your trash will be dumped please make sure to do abide by the following policies:
  • All waste must be placed in the provided poly-kart or dumpster
  • Poly-karts and dumpsters may not be over-filled
  • Poly-karts must be placed at the street curb (or alley depending on your route) by 8:00 am on the designated trash day
  • Poly-karts or dumpsters contain only allowable materials
  • Dumpsters are not blocked by vehicles, or other objects
Those residential customers who have special needs and require assistance moving the poly-kart to the street for pickup should notify the city office at (785) 543-5234.

See the solid waste policies for information on what waste is allowed and what waste is not allowed in the waste containers.

See the solid waste collection map to see what day your trash is scheduled to be picked up.