Budget Information

Each year, the City of Phillipsburg is required to prepare a budget for the proceeding year.  The budget process begins in the spring and continues until August when the final budget is adopted by the City Council.  The Budget Guide was created to explain the budget process as well as provide information concerning the revenues and expenditures of the City.  If you have any questions concerning the budget or other city financial information, we encourage you to contact the City Clerk for additional information.

2020 City of Phillipsburg Budget

2020 Budget Guide

General Budget Information

Why is a Budget Required?Budget Preparation
Legal Requirements Related to BudgetingBasis of Accounting 
Chart of Funds   Glossary of Terms
Assessed Valuation Mill Levy
City Tax LiabilityAnnual City Tax Liability Example

Overview of Expenditures, Revenues, Transfers, & Sales Tax

Summary of Budget Expenditures by FundRevenues by Type & Fund
Schedule of Budget TransfersCity Sales Tax

Budget by Fund & Department

General Fund (01)

Bond & Interest Fund (17)

Business Funds

Water & Sewer Utility Fund (23)Water Sold
Solid Waste Fund (25)Solid Waste Landfill & Recycling
Aquatic Center (42)

Special Purpose Funds

Library Fund (03)
Employee Benefit Fund (05)
Special Parks & Recreation Fund (07)
Law Enforcement Fund (09)
Fire Department Fund (11)
Special Highway Fund (13)
Fire Equipment Capital Outlay (32)
Industrial Development Fund (34)
Equipment Reserve Fund (02)
Capital Improvement Fund (30)
Grant Funds (52)

Agency Funds

Meter Deposit Fund (28)Employee Flex Benefit Fund (39)
Municipal Court Bond Fund (40)