Economic Development Advisory Board

Purpose: To provide a structured framework for city and county representatives to collaborate in promoting and enhancing Phillipsburg’s economic, commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural, and civic welfare.

The Board will evaluate incentives, possible locations for new businesses, funding alternatives, available workforce, existing housing, local tourism and marketing opportunities and recommend projects and policies that will:

         • Improve the competitive position of Phillipsburg in the development of economic and employment opportunities in relation to competing cities

         • Assist in retaining and expanding local businesses

          • Promote the development of a diverse mix of new housing and rehabilitation of existing housing

           • Induce private investment in economic growth

           • Optimize public investment in supportive infrastructure

           • Expand and develop the existing work force

           • Help brand and market city assets

           • Promote Phillipsburg’s position as a tourist destination.

Member Represents Term
Vacant City of Phillipsburg Term of Office
Max Dibble Phillips County Commissioner District #2 Term of Office
Caleb Breon Phillips County Economic Development Director Term of Office
Angie Wells Phillipsburg Chamber & Main Street Executive Director Term of Office
Morris Engle Phillips County Community Foundation Executive Director Term of Office
Mike Gower U.S.D. #325 Superintendent Term of Office
Dustin Springer Industry Representative 2024
Taylor Redinger Finance Representative 2024
Tyson Wisinger Healthcare Representative 2021
Gene Bugbee Agriculture Representative 2021
Rhonda Keesee Real Estate Representative 2021
Stacie Ricker Retail Representative 2021
Alex Beim Millennial Representative 2024
Mildred Hadley Encore Living Representative 2022